3d laser scanning services

Auto-Cad Services

3D Laser scanning services

  • Computer aided design
  • AutoCAD data rendering into movie format for presentation
  • Convert existing 2D drawings to 3D autoCAD with high-quality renderings for presentations / marketing etc..
  • Convert existing PDF files to 2D OR 3D autoCAD DWG FILE
  • Convert existing 2D drawings to 3D autoCAD with high-quality renderings for presentations / marketing etc.
  • Take your old drawings of existing building and convert them into actual 2D drawings and 3D models
  • Provide the highest quality and most accurate architectural as-built surveys and shop drawings.
  • We can export or import dwg, dxf and rvt files to other formats. Let us know which one you prefer.
  • Shop Drawings / The BluePrint

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Additional Services

US As Built has an extensive background in drafting & design, and we are experienced with a wide range of projects. We provide a full range of CAD and GRAPHICS design services for projects of any size. Every project is important to us, regardless of the size. We serve large and small engineering firms, and strive to accommodate a wide variety of budgets.

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Commercial and Residential Surveys & Site Plans

As-Built services include:
  • AS-Builts Site Plans
  • Architectural As-built Measuring Existing Floor Plans
  • Suite Plans
  • Existing Floor Plan
  • Lease Area Analysis
  • Fire Plans
  • Elevation AS-Built Surveys

Existing Site Layout Plan:

An as-built site plan is a detailed drawing that shows the existing conditions of a property, including buildings, utilities, and other features. It’s typically used for construction or renovation projects.

Describe an as-built site plan include:

Firstly, the site plan depicts the current layout of structures and features.

Next, it outlines the precise location of existing buildings, roads, and utilities.

Additionally, it highlights property boundaries and topography.

Moreover, the plan includes accurate measurements and dimensions.

Furthermore, it shows any modifications made during construction.

Lastly, it serves as a reference for future development.

Just as it is Landscaping Plan:

An as-built landscaping plan focuses specifically on the landscape elements of a property.

Describing existing landscaping layout plan:

Initially, the landscaping plan illustrates the current placement of trees, shrubs, and other vegetation.

Subsequently, it indicates pathways, garden beds, and outdoor spaces.

Furthermore, it distinguishes between lawn areas and other ground covers.

In addition, it may show irrigation systems and drainage features.

Lastly, it provides essential details for maintaining and enhancing the landscape.

Existing Condition Parking Lot Plan:

An as-built parking lot plan outlines the existing parking layout, including spaces, driveways, and signage.

Describing shopping center parking lot as built plan:

First and foremost, the parking lot plan displays the current arrangement of parking spaces.

Additionally, it marks accessible spots, loading zones, and pedestrian pathways.

Moreover, it includes details about curb cuts, lighting, and striping.

Furthermore, it ensures compliance with local regulations.

Lastly, it serves as a reference for maintenance and future improvements.

Remember to gather accurate property line information and use appropriate tools (whether manual or software-based) to create these plans effectively. If you’re drawing them manually, grab your pencils, ruler, eraser, and graph paper

Existing Conditions Plans

✓ Building Outline
✓ Lighting Fixtures
✓ Door
✓ Signage
✓ Canopies
✓ Street Locations
✓ Mechanical Equipment
✓ Compass with North
✓ Curbs
✓ Digital Photo Key
✓ Parking Spaces
✓ Landscaping Outline

Site Record drawings

✓ Exterior and Interior Walls
✓ Doors and Swings
✓ Floor Type and Level Changes
✓ Height Walls
✓ Columns B/Joists
✓ Permanent Fixtures
✓ Electrical Panel
✓ Fire Extinguishers
✓ Alarm Pull Stations
✓ Plumbing Fixtures
✓ Room Labels
✓ Digital Photo Key

As-Built Drawings

✓  Exterior and Interior Walls
✓ Deck Heights
✓ Columns
✓ Beams
✓ Joists
✓ Sprinkler Lines
✓ Ductwork
✓ HVAC Locations w/ Roof
✓ Digital Photo Key
✓ Reflected Ceiling Plan

In its present condition

✓ Sections
✓ Curb & Slab Heights
✓ Columns
✓ Doors & Windows
✓ Fixtures, Scuppers & Drain Pipes
✓ Changes in Material
✓ Beams
✓ Joists
✓ Ceiling & Deck Heights
✓ Roof Level
✓ Parking Spaces
✓ Windows & Glass Panes



Detailed floor plans showing walls, doors, windows, built-in cabinets, stairs, fixtures and more.


Roof plans showing ridges, valleys, slopes, gutters, chimneys, solar panels, skylights and more.


Exterior elevations showing facades, doors, windows, downspouts, vents and more.


Interior elevations showing wall surfaces, doors, windows, cabinets, fixtures, shelves and more.


Site plans showing building, sheds, decks, patios, fences, walkways, property lines, sidewalks and more.


Reflective ceiling plans showing ceilings, beams, skylights, solatubes, light fixtures, fans and more.


Architectural elevations showing detailed facade features, trim, reveals, ornaments, materials and more.


Structural elevations showing structural elements, materials, beams, posts, columns, connections, and more.


Electrical plans showing light switches, power receptacles, cable, telephone and more.


Mechanical Plans showing registers, thermostats, furnace, A/C units, heaters and more.


Cross sections showing sections of walls, floors, ceilings, roof, foundation and more.


Building outlines showing perimeter footprint of the house, building, sheds, barns and more.


Structural plans showing structural elements like walls, columns, beams, joists, rafters and more.


Site elevations showing sheds, playhouses, trellises, canopies, retaining walls and more.


Drafting services converting hand sketches, redlines, photographs, PDFs to CAD files.


Drafting old floor plans and elevation drawings from the Architect or Building Department.

What You Will Get From Us

Residential as built survey services include:

  • As Built Site Plans
  • Existing Floor Plans
  • As Built Plans
  • As Built Elevations
  • As Built sections
  • As Built RCP Plans
  • As Built Furniture Plans
  • Ceiling Plans
  • Site Condition Inspections
  • Construction Documents for City Permits
  • Existing Building Drawings for Historical Buildings and Sites
  • Existing Elevations

Precision Tools = Accurate Drawings

Based on your needs, we will provide Commercial As-Built Drawings using the latest technology such as sophisticated laser measuring tape, 360 camera, and AutoCAD and Revit tools to ensure the most accurate drawing. Site and floor plans are drawn onsite. Data is provided in any format including CD, DVD, and can be uploaded to an FTP server. If needed, a hard copy can be provided upon request.

We provide the required number of digital photos which are keyed to the floor plan and a survey report with HVAC, electrical, and plumbing information.

Commercial As-Built Surveys are typically used as a basis for design and permitting, site and floor plans are drawn on-site to scale using a variety of laser measuring to ensure accuracy and consistency.