Residential Services

Residential As-Built Surveys for
• Residential Homes • Vacation Homes
• Condos • Apartment Homes
• Town Homes • Historical Buildings
• Property Management Homes
• Existing Homes Needing City Permit

Our 5-Step Process

1. Site Information Gathering
2. Complimentary Quote
3. Measurements
4. Drawings
5. Delivery

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What You Will Get From Us

Residential As-Built Survey services include:

  • Site Plans
  • Existing Floor Plans
  • Suite Plans
  • Lease Area Analysis
  • Fire Plans
  • Electrical Plans
  • Furniture Plans
  • Ceiling Plans
  • Site Condition Inspections
  • Construction Documents for City Permits
  • Existing Building Drawings for Historical Buildings and Sites
  • Existing Elevations

Precision Tools = Accurate Drawings

Based on your needs, we will provide Residential As-built drawings using the latest technology such as sophisticated laser measure tape, 360 camera, and AutoCAD and Revit tools to ensure the most accurate drawing.

Residential Site and floor plans are drawn onsite. Data is provided in any format including CD, DVD, and can be uploaded to an FTP server. If needed, a hard copy can be provided upon request.

We provide the required number of digital photos which are keyed to the floor plan, and a survey report with HVAC, electrical, and plumbing information.

Commercial and Residential Surveys & Site Plans

As-Built services include:
  • AS-Builts Site Plans
  • Architectural As-built Measuring Existing Floor Plans
  • Suite Plans
  • Existing Floor Plan
  • Lease Area Analysis
  • Fire Plans
  • Elevation AS-Built Surveys

Types of Service[br][br] Building Outline[br] Lighting Fixtures[br] Door[br] Signage[br] Canopies[br] Street Locations and Labels[br] Mechanical Equipment[br] Compass with North Arrow[br] Curbs[br] Digital Photo Key[br] Parking Spaces[br] Landscaping Outline
Site Plan Survey[br][br] Exterior and Interior Walls[br] Doors and Swings[br] Windows and Openings[br] Floor Type and Level Changes[br] Height Walls[br] Columns B/Joists[br] Permanent Fixtures[br] Electrical Panel w/ Labels[br] Fire Extinguishers[br] Alarm Pull Stations[br] Plumbing Fixtures[br] Room Labels[br] Digital Photo Key

Floor Plan[br][br] Exterior and Interior Walls[br] Deck Heights[br] Columns[br] Beams[br] Joists[br] Sprinkler Lines[br] Ductwork[br] HVAC Locations w/ Roof[br] Digital Photo Key[br][br] Reflected Ceiling Plan
Roof Line[br][br] Sections[br] Curb & Slab Heights[br] Columns[br] Doors & Windows[br] Fixtures, Scuppers & Drain Pipes[br] Changes in Material[br] Beams[br] Joists[br] Ceiling & Deck Heights[br] Roof Level[br] Windows & Glass Panes[br]